Pecan Crackers

  • $16.50

Try your hand at making your own candied or roasted pecans with the use of our specially crafted pecan crackers. , The Goodie Gitter is designed to help peel a cracked pecan. It also has a hook to remove the bitters. If you are going to shell your own pecans, the Goodie Gitter is a must!

Nuti Budi- Drop in a pecan, give a quick twist and peel for perfect halfs!

Texan Nut Sheller- This nut cracker keeps operation simple with a plier-like design, comfortable rubber grips, and shield which minimizes and directs shell debris where it needs to go. With two sharpened (replaceable) blades, snip the ends and sides of the in-shell pecan to get to the nutmeat.

Two Step Nutcracker- A simple and effective nutcracker with an angled handle which cracks pecans easier and faster.

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